Monday, March 30, 2009


I find that inspiration strikes me most often when I'm not seeking it. Case in point: Fairly recently, I was re-watching I'm Not There, the Todd Haynes film based on the life of Bob Dylan. I love how the film is an obvious pastiche of Haynes's influences - Godard, Fellini, etc. In the segment with Billy the Kid, we're set in a fading western. The colors were once rich, but now take a hazy, vintage look.

This clip doesn't really do the film complete justice, but I think you get the idea. And it doesn't hurt that this segment includes one of the best covers from the soundtrack (in my opinion) by Jim James and Calexico. This imagery has been floating around in my head and from it, my recent yarn purchases have been rich fibers in muted tones.

From Knitting, etc.
Araucania Yarns - Copihue Alpaca in Color 910

From Knitting, etc.
The Fibre Company - Road to China Worsted in Citrine

I'm planning to use the Road to China on Kelbourne Woolen's Springtime Bandit scarf, my first foray into lace knitting. I'm still seeking out a simpler lace pattern to try before I start this one. However, I found a quick-to-knit and surprisingly fun pattern to use up my 2 small skeins of Copihue - a cute little scarflet called The Fidget. The twisted moss stitch pattern really shows off the colors and creates a lovely, layered texture.

From Knitting, etc.

These new colors are quite a contrast from the bold, saturated tones I was using in the dead of winter - take this Quant headscarf made with Malabrigo in a deep purple, for instance (but excuse the poorly lit self-portrait).

From Knitting, etc.

A few more FOs should be ready in the coming days, fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#1 - BEGIN.

So, here it begins.

This blog has been laying in wait for more than half a year now. I kept hoping for life to become less hectic, or for me to produce more art, or for something generally miraculous to happen that would inspire me to write incredible words. Now that reality has set in, I've decided to dive in headfirst and hope this thing develops into... well, anything. My goal is that BMORE CRAFTY. becomes a place to not only share my work, but the inspirations behind it.

Ravel me if you'd like, although my profile is in a similar state as this blog. Photos of my recent FOs are forthcoming, I promise. And I'm getting a new project on the needles soon - the Kelbourne Woolens Springtime Bandit scarf, which will be my first actual lace piece. Any advice would be super helpful!

And one last thing: At the first of the year, I stumbled upon Ali Edwards's blog and her One Little Word for 2009. Yes, it's already March, but I think it might be a helpful starting point for this little blog of mine.

The word I've chosen is intentional --
To live my life conscious of my actions and their repercussions towards others; to be aware of my choices and how they will affect my situation in the long-run; to treat those I love in a way that acknowledges my concern for their well-being and my hope to honor those relationships.

More to come soon.