Thursday, September 30, 2010


From Knitting, etc.
Eco Baby Booties in FibraNatural Cobblestone Superwash

Okay, so I've obviously been on a blog hiatus that lasted a bit longer than I intended. Summer was busy and crazy and hectic, but now I'm back with lots of things to share. And oh, I have a Master's degree now, which is an excellent bit of news!

Going off of the radar for a while is kind of liberating, but I've missed catching up with all of you amazingly crafty bloggers, so expect me to be poking around on your sites to see what is happening in all of your lives. And if you ever want to know what I'm up to knit-wise, you can always find me babbling on with some brilliant knitty folks on Twitter - I'm @rachellynnec.

From Knitting, etc.
Eco Baby Booties in Dream in Color Classy

I'm not going to share every single thing I've been knitting since I last blogged, especially since my memory card has also gone MIA at the moment, but to recap, Summer 2010 was the Season of the Baby. Baby knitting can make you feel like a genius - knocking out a couple tiny hats in a day is bound to leave any crafty person believing she's a rock star - but it also left me yearning to make some more substantial projects. However, the Season of the Baby helped me to determine what my go-to projects for the kiddos will be from now on.

From Knitting, etc.
Eco Baby Booties and Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap in Dream in Color Classy

To start, if you're on the hunt for the a simple, easy to memorize, and impossibly quick to knit pair of baby shoes, look no further than the Eco Baby Booties (Ravelry link) from HipKnitIzed. Garter stitch in worsted weight means you'll finish these in no time, and they're so easy to embellish or modify to your tastes. And unless you have a pile of 20-some flat baby shoes to seam up (like I did), you won't mind that part either.

From Knitting, etc.
Eco Baby Booties and Tubey in Dream in Color Classy

Also, I'm probably beating a dead horse on this, but you can never fail with Woolly Wormhead's caps. I bought the Wee Woolly Toppers booklet on a whim last year, and oh, these patterns are so well written and easy to execute. Not to mention, oohs and ahhs will come from the mouths of all who see her designs.

From Knitting, etc.
Baby Bonnet from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts in FibraNatura Cobblestone Superwash

Now I'm onto bigger (& better?) things - a back-log of queued sweaters for myself, a few shawlettes and mitts to make with the #stashbustarmy folks on Twitter... and I'm going to celebrate this Socktoberfest with my first ever pair of socks. While in Rehoboth Beach this summer, I scored a few Crazy Zauberballs at the Kitschy Stitch without any plans in mind, but I'm thinking a simple and squishy sock for my mom is in order. I'm leaning towards the Waffle House Socks (Ravelry link), but I'd love to hear your favorite sock pattern suggestions!