Wednesday, April 22, 2009


LinkFrom Lace in Translation, an exhibit at the Design Center, Philadelphia.
via The Curated Object

warm weather is taunting me. i want to frolic outside, but no. silly school work has me trapped in my apartment. i am itching for something new. summer is around the corner (or, the semester will be over before i know it) and i am pleased as punch about it. life still feels constantly in flux.

but in-between the paper-writing and the research, i finally started my first lace project! the checkerboard lace scarf will be a gift to my mom. i'm loving the yarn - canopy fingering from the fibre company - and i have a feeling it will drape beautifully.

From Knitting, etc.

however, i've already frogged this thing twice! eeesh. so, lace lesson number one: always use life-lines!

From Knitting, etc.

so while springtime is breezing past my window, at least i can turn on some simon & garfunkel, knit for a bit with the curtains open, and pretend i'm not studying my days away.


Brian said...

Your business is evident in this blog post.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I can't knit, but I do love yarn :-) Great blog!