Monday, May 18, 2009


From Chris and Bethany's Wedding
Taken on 05.15.09 in Stevensville along the Chesapeake.

i hate to admit that i've done hardly any knitting at all since my last post. life (especially school) was constantly getting in the way. oh, those silly term papers. nonetheless, summer looks like it's shaping up nicely with plenty of good friends, good music, bike rides, cold drinks, and warm city nights. and i have some swell summer knits in the works, too!

but first off, let me share an FO that i didn't post on earlier...
From Knitting, etc.

it's erica's acapulco scarflet!

From Knitting, etc.

this was a fun and super fast project.
i made this with two skeins of copihue alpaca from araucania yarns. the most harrowing part of this project was the button search, but i scored these pretty etched shell ones that worked out perfectly! the tangled moss stitch really shows off the yarn, and i think the colors will go beautifully with erica's hair. here's hoping she agrees.

now, i'm back to work on the checkerboard lace scarf, and i'm starting up on the springtime bandit from kelbourne woolens as my confidence as a lace knitter grows. i'm also itching to start some of ysolda's whimsical little knits. but until then, here are a few to illustrate my impossibly slow progress...

From Knitting, etc.

From Knitting, etc.

now my evenings of back-porch knitting and mojitos are back. wahoo! i also have some yarn spinning plans in the works, but i'm not going to spill the details on that just yet. plus, i was finagling with my sewing machine today, and started work on a pretty little something with some of my leftover scraps.

From Knitting, etc.

my mind is so full of ideas and my hands can't seem to make everything quickly enough! we'll see what develops.

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