Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#9 - OH, BABY

From Knitting, etc.

Hello, good people of the interweb. I told you all that I was busy knitting, and now I'm here to deliver the goods.

First off, congrats to Kerry for being the only participant in, and therefore the winner of the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival ticket giveaway. I hope you had a great time!

From Knitting, etc.

Anyway, I've been staying up late to work on piles of baby knits for a very important little niece-to-be. I started work on some of that Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that we bought in Charlottesville, and knitted up two classic Debbie Bliss patterns. First off, the striped hat which is too cute in cream and dusty lavender. I love the sprout on top!

From Knitting, etc.

With the leftover yarn from the hat, instead of diving right into the sweater, I opted to make the baby sandals instead. These are my first booties, and I think they came out relatively well. To mix it up a bit, I made the strap contrast to match the hat and future sweater. Now, I just need to find the perfect buttons. Any ideas?

From Knitting, etc.

I took a break from the baby cashmerino to make a pattern from the fantastic folks at Purl, Whit's Bulky Baby Blanket. On our weekend in New York, I insisted that we stop at Purl after the most delicious brunch at Hundred Acres in Soho to pick up yarn for this project (as well as to geek out in one of my favorite yarn shops ever). I fell in love with the Spud & Chloe line from the start - super soft, squishy yarns that are machine washable - perfect for baby or child knits. I picked the bulky Outer in soapstone for the seed-stitched body of the blanket, and Sweater in popsicle for the trim.

From Knitting, etc.

I admit that I didn't love knitting this pattern - I get bored easily, so making the body required some extra coffee and motivation on my part, and my circular needle was a little too short, which added to my crankiness when I started the border. Nonetheless, this turned out to be an adorable blanket that's so soft and full of texture for little hands.

From Knitting, etc.

It seems that this baby will be the recipient of all of my metropolitan yarn purchases... lucky girl. Now, I need to crack the whip on the striped hooded pullover (the work-in-progress above)... not to mention maybe finishing up the Clapotis for myself! :)


Lindsay said...

These are adorable!! Great work!

Marie-Jolie said...

Those booties are too cute for words!

erica said...

I love the booties! So cute!

g-girl said...

greetings by way of PEAR! the booties are absolutely adorable! I love the lil strap. The blanket is fantastic and I feel you on the boring knit part. but look @ the outcome!!

Karrie said...

WOW! Let me just say that your work is beautiful!