Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi friends! First off, thanks to all who've stopped by recently from PEAR, New Friend Friday, Twitter, Ravelry, and elsewhere on the interwebs! I spent the majority of the weekend relatively unplugged (as to focus on paper-writing and knitting), but am working on visiting all of your blogs to see your crafty selves at work and share some comment love.

I just wanted to get up a quick post to share that I'll be participating in Knit & Crochet Blog Week starting tomorrow... and if you're interested, it's certainly not too late to get involved. Started in conjunction with The Blog Hub group on Ravelry and Eskimimi, bloggers will simultaneously post on the same topics over the course of one week to share community and individual points of view on the aesthetic of crafting!

I'm excited to get involved this week and share my thoughts on knitting with everyone, so I encourage you to check out the Ravelry thread or Eskimimi's blog for more information if you'd like to join in.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited for this week, I've already got my first post up :D Looking forward to reading yours and everyone elses!

g-girl said...

sigh..i missed it this year!! it was already midweek when i saw this post. oh well. i lived vicariously through and others who participated. :)