Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm skipping the Knit & Crochet Blog Week post for today. Feels like I'm copping out, but to be perfectly honest, today's topic wasn't striking a chord with me for whatever reason. Nonetheless, I'll be stopping by to read many of your KCBW posts and see all of the creative things you came up with!

Instead, I just wanted to write a quick post sharing the items I finished up this week. I've been in a knitting drought lately and not feeling the urge to knit. But when my sister-in-law requested that I make some baby knits for a friend of her's, I was back in action. Maybe I just needed a change of pace from sweater knitting, but there's something about baby knits that makes them so pleasurable - the instant gratification. With just a couple skeins of yarn and a few days time, you can crank out a few tiny little knits and feel impossibly clever without breaking a sweat.
Not to mention, baby knitting is a perfect way to try out new techniques without feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

In less than a week's time, I had a cozy sweater and cap off the needles, and that kind of turn-around got me back in the groove. I suspect my Effortless Cardigan will be finished before I know it. About time, isn't it?

Happy knitting!!


Siga said...

I've knit Swirl Baby hat as well. It's fun, fast and really good looking.

Where the nodding violets grow said...

I love the baby sweater. I think you need a break from sweaters. They seem to take such a long time and it is nice to have some instant success.

Umatji said...

as a almost non knitter (so far in my past I get fumbly) you make it seem soo easy. they look amazing but would take me ages. lucky receiver!

g-girl said...

love the placket sweater and the swirl hat!