Friday, June 25, 2010


After the last post's questionnaire, I thought I should catch up on the other lovely awards I've been tagged for recently! left-handed knitter navigating the world tagged me for the sunshine award! thank you so much! :) and a girl in winter tagged me for the beautiful blogger award (thank you, thank you!), for which i need to list 10 completely random things you probably don't know about me... so here it goes!

1. I usually don't change my wall calendar until the month is halfway over.

2. Every time I plan to be driving more than 30 minutes, I must have what I refer to as a "road soda" - a lemonade, coffee, slushie drink, whatever. And by the way, a road soda is never actually soda.

3. My favorite thing about my apartment is the ceiling fan in my bedroom.

4. I am obsessed with journals, paper, pens, and various other school supplies.

5. I have never done a cartwheel in my life. I possess zero upper-body strength whatsoever.

6. I love the soundtracks from all Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola films.

7. On the topic of movies, I often watch the same one over and over again for weeks at a time.

8. I can be terribly awkward when people compliment me.

9. Aside from crafty blogs, I adore fashion bloggers who inspire me to keep on thrift shopping.

10. I love having super-short hair, but I am trying to grow it out into to a chin-length cut.

I must thank those two lovely ladies, g-girl and a girl in winter, again for tagging me! Visit their blogs - they are some of my favorites. I'm supposed to tag some bloggers for each of these awards - but I'm breaking the rules - I think all of my readers are beautiful bloggers who bring lots of sunshine, so consider yourself tagged! And if you'd like, tell me something fun about yourself in the comments because I'd love to get to know you better, too.


g-girl said...

you've never done a cartwheel before?? wow!! you're not missing much. i used to do them as a kid and tried to do one recently and was unsuccessful. knitting has really shot my wrists! :P

Permission to Unwind said...

I am sure that I need to visit fashion blogs, as I am terribly clueless about it! Sadly, I'm a wee bit addicted to knitting blogs, and that may or may not contribute to my sense of fashion in a positive way. :)

Batty said...

I've never done a (successful) cartwheel either. When they tried us to force us to do cartwheels off a balance beam (in PE), I balked, which had a negative impact on my grade but a positive impact on the physical integrity.

Gabrielle @ Bee Wise Bags said...

I love your list... it could be mine! It's crazy how alike all of us crafty types are similar. Have a great week!!

angelina la dawn said...

i love wes anderson movies and soundtracks too! i have them all on my ipod right now :)